Rob Kahn / Mixology

Rob Kahn got his start making coffee for one of the busiest commercial music houses in New York. Within the year, he won a competition to compose for a national commercial for AT&T; his first commercial job. Soon, he was winning more projects for AT&T, P&G, American Airlines, and Merrill Lynch.   Three years later, with a page-full of commercial credits on his resume, he left the company and founded RK/music, building a new studio on West 21st Street in Manhattan, an up-and-coming area in the production community.   Kahn built RK/music into an award-winning original music and audio boutique, working in original music, sound design, audio post production, and audio-branding. To encompass the range of work they produced, he changed the name of the company to Mixology Post in 2002.   His talents as composer, sound designer, and creative director have earned him and his staff numerous awards for their work on HBO, Nike, Pizza Hut, NBC, CBS, Mastercard, ESPN, and many more. He has appeared on national television, discussing modern musical electronics with Jane Pauley. His work ranges from hour-long soundtracks to ½ second sounds for Verizon.   More information is available at www.MixologyPost.com

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