About Us IKA Collective is more than a creative production company. We're storytellers who draw on our passions to produce compelling content and help our partners achieve great results. We’re the kids who skipped gym class to make mix tapes, the class clowns who made the teacher laugh out-loud. We hung the lights for the school play…We’re the kids that spent summer vacations making horror movies with our dad’s VHS camcorder. Instead of studying for our SAT’s, we made music videos in the garage. We wrote scripts on the back of our math homework and spent our allowance processing film. Now we’re all grown up (mostly) and still searching for the coolest ways to tell stories, still making the teacher laugh, finding that amazing shot and, most importantly, getting people to watch what we do. IKA Collective. Creative. Content. Delivered.

Our Work We like being busy.

What we do. Everything from "HELP I have no idea how to do this" to "just do exactly this."


Everything begins with a story. Our team loves finding creative ways to tell them and achieve great results at any scale.


Whether it's a huge shoot with 100 in crew, or 1 man band, we know how to get the most beautiful footage possible.


We've got a full floor of toys to finish projects. From editing to color grading to mixing, we can put all the pieces together.


Our in-house insert stage is perfect for green screen, interviews and tabletop. And it's in Midtown NYC!

Creative Partners Some people call them clients

Our Team Not too big. Not too small. Goldilocks would love us.

Facility Our Home. Size does matter.

Contact Us We like making new friends.

Contact Us

We like making new friends! Send us an email here or hit us up on the phone at 212-246-4634

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